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Spice up your small talk with the latest tech news, products and reviews. Download the best Windows 10 antivirus and Windows VPN. You can also check out the latest MacBook deals right here on TechRadar. If Windows 8 was the steepest learning curve imaginable, Windows 10 is like meeting a great friend you once knew again – it’s just that they’ve bought some new clothes that get your full approval. If you’re looking to buy Windows 10 Home today, you’ll find some excellent offers to save you some cash below. A Kiosk Mode can be set up quickly and easily for kiosk use. Dynamic provisioning allows you to easily customize a device to meet your organization’s needs.

It must be a great choice to capture the screen as a video or take a screenshot of it. To share the snip as an email attachment, locate the ‘Send snip’ button and select the drop-down arrow adjacent to it. This will present two options of sending it as an email attachment. Select the drop-down arrow adjacent to the snipping mode and select ‘Window Snip’. A mouse pointer with a hand symbol will appear and all you need to do is to point to the menu you wish to capture.

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Windows 10 Clean Install

The first thing you’ll want to do is download and install your screen capture software. Today, I’ll show you how to take a screenshot on Windows without the snipping tool and on Mac without the Grab tool. But, if you need to take a lot of screenshots and want more flexibility and robust tools, Snagit is a great option. If you prefer a third-party solution, options likeSnappy(which can sync screenshots with theSnappy app for iOS), TechSmith Capture, Snagit,Skitch, LightShot, and others are available. Enter your password, if asked, then restart the computer and future screenshots should save in the preferred format you specified.

  • Some of these keys just come from other countries where Windows licenses are cheaper.
  • For Windows 10 users, it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 11 using Windows Update.
  • But to activate volume license key use follow the below procdure .

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Recently updated

It should have all the latest cumulative updates included in the ISO. The latest version is the most stable version of Windows 10. However, you can also use versions that are currently supported by Microsoft. Our link is just a wrapper which refreshes the Microsoft links to 24-hour period and provides the same direct download link from Microsoft. Usman Khurshid is a seasoned IT Pro with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

These are the minimum system requirements for installing the software on a PC. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install it and implement Windows 10 Pro product key. In comparison, Windows 10 runs frequent, automatic checks for essential updates to ensure your system maintains optimal performance.

Somehow if you don’t know about the version and you want to activate it as well. Then I would highly recommend going for the activators as these are the only best solution which works automatically. These are some best and easiest methods for those who don’t know how to activate Windows 10 so after reading this guide they will surely learn everything about it.